IATF 16949 – 第一方/第二方稽核員考試 ID 250)



通過「 IATF 16949第一 / 第二方註冊稽核員」考試,將獲得由 IATF監督辦公室成員 VDA QMC頒發的證書。



完成 ID211 IATF 16949 – 第一方/第二方稽核員訓練課程之學員。

欲取得VDAQMC (IATF監督辦公室)認可IATF 16949第一/第二方稽核員資格之學員。



基於(ID 211)訓練內容,與IATF 16949及AIAG 五大核心工具要求,相關的OEM客戶特殊要求。



✚ 筆試:40題選擇題,及

✚ 口試:根據不同情境鑑別風險/不符合,並將其分配至IATF 16949/ DIN EN ISO 9001的條文要求




✚ 符合ISO 9001:2015內部稽核員的稽核員資格

✚ 近三年內,至少執行過3次完整的ISO 9001 內部稽核 (請提供證明,如:稽核紀錄表)

✚ 至少2年在汽車工業領域全職經驗 (請提供簡歷或工作證明)

✚ 完成 ID211 IATF 16949 – 第一方/第二方稽核員訓練課程



通過筆試與口試考試後, 您會收到一張擁有VDA登錄號碼的稽核員證書與卡片一只。稽核員資格並會輸入到VDA QMC資料庫中。

為製作稽核員證書,需要 您事先提供一張JPG格式的數位照片。



天數: 1 天

課程價格:NT$8,000.- /人 (營業稅5%外加,不包括IATF 16949標準費用)



除了了解IATF 16949:2016條文標準、稽核技巧(ISO 19011)、過程導向之思維以外,擁有汽車業核心工具知識更是至關重要。建議考生須自行研讀,或參加核心工具的課程,以預備考試。

✚ 課程講義僅提供相關標準的擷取重點,訓練與考試期間須使用的相關標準書籍,如:IATF 16949:2016、IATF SI & FAQ、IATF認證規則、AIAG五大核心工具手冊、VDA 2 (PPA)、MLA、VDA 5…等書籍學員需自行準備. 建議須至少備齊IATF 16949:2016標準以及IATF 16949:2016 SI & FAQ。



IATF 16949 – Exam Day for 1st/2nd Party Auditor IATF 16949 (ID 250)


The exam day for certified 1st/2nd party auditor IATF 16949 offers participants a level of qualification comparable to that of 3rd party  auditors. The certificate awarded for passing the exam is issued in this form only by the IATF member VDA QMC or by a partner licensed by us. The exam is based on the contents of the training, IATF 16949 requirements as well as in individual cases the customer-specific requirements of the OEM’s.



Prospective 1st/2nd party auditors IATF 16949 who have taken part in the qualification training.

Participants who want to be certified 1st/2nd party auditor of IATF 16949.



The exam consists of 

✚a written part with 40 multiple-choice questions, and

✚an oral part, in which participants develop risks / nonconformities from a scenario and assign them to IATF 16949 / DIN EN ISO 9001 requirements.


Prerequisities for attendance

Admission to the exam day is granted after successful review of application.


✚ Auditor qualification for internal auditor according to ISO 9001:2015

✚ At least 3 complete internal system audits ISO 9001 within the past three years

✚ At least 2 years appropriate practical fulltime experience in automotive industry

✚ Successful completion of the training ID 211 “IATF 16949 – Qualification for 1st/2nd party auditor”



After passing the written and the oral exam, you will receive a VDA certificate with registered numbering, the respective auditor card as well as a corresponding VDA QMC database entry. For the card, we need a jpeg digital passport photo in advance.



PRICE: NT$8,000 per delegate (VAT 5% excluded)

       Standard of IATF 16949 is excluded from price above



Except for understanding of IATF 16949 standard, audit skills (ISO 19011), and process approach, knowledge of automotive core tools, such as AIAG core tools is essential to pass exam.

Book of IATF 16949 standard, IATF SI & FAQ, IATF Rules, AIAG Core Tools, VDA 2 (PPA), MLA, VDA 5…etc. are not included in the training handouts. Participants shall at least prepare book of IATF 16949:2016 and IATF 16949:2016 SI & FAQ themselves.