VDA QMC與其核可之訓練單位所核發的稽核員證書或卡片為期3年有效,因此稽核員必須在有效期限之內申請資格延展或是重新取得資格。為了維持稽核員資格,其通常需要執行一定數量之稽核以及參與相關訓練或考試。(詳情請參閱VDA 6.3資格展延公告)

此過程會影響VDA QMC與其核可之訓練單位所核發“VDA 6.3-過程稽核員證書或卡片”以及“IATF 16949第 1/2方稽核員證書或卡片”。此兩種稽核員資格,都必須證明已執行一定數量的稽核(排除遠端稽核)才能維持資格。

由於目前SARS CoV 2 (COVID-19)爆發,各國皆採取一定措施以減緩病毒進一步傳播。例如:包括公司差旅限制或培訓取消等…。

為了在這種狀況下,減輕稽核員的負擔,VDA QMC宣布以下特殊規定:

關於VDA 6.3展延之遠端/混和稽核

VDA 6.3專案小組代表 – QMA(品質管理委員會)制定了有關執行遠端稽核的建議。VDA 6.3展延申請者最多承認2個遠端稽核/混合稽核。該規定追溯適用於2020年,並一直有效至另行通知。有關VDA議定之VDA 6.3稽核以及更多詳細信息,請參見:RecommendationVDA_Remoteaudits_EN.pdf

VDA 6.3第三方稽核員與IATF 16949 1/2方稽核員可依據此特殊規定,證明其原本至2021年09月30日前到期的稽核員資格,其展延有效期延長至2021年12月31日(: 證書直到2021年1231皆持續有效,且必須在1231前完成延期,不再享有三個月的寬限期。)


此特殊規定立即生效,並適用於全球。除了VDA QMC,還包含VDA QMC核可之訓練單位所核發的證書都適用。




Special regulation COVID-19 to maintain the validity of auditor certificates by VDA QMC and license partners

with an expiry date until September 30, 2021


Auditor certificates or auditor cards by VDA QMC and its license partners are valid for three years, so auditors have to apply for an extension or their re-qualification before the expiry date. In order to maintain the auditor qualification, a regular performance of audits as well as participation in further trainings or examinations are usually necessary.

This procedure affects certificates and cards issued by VDA QMC directly or its license partners on the subject of “VDA 6.3 – Process audit in the product life cycle” and the QM system standard IATF 16949 (1st/2nd party). In both cases, a certain number of audits in companies (no Remote Audits) must be proven in order to maintain the qualification.

Due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus SARS CoV 2 (COVID-19), several measures to slow down the further spread of the virus are being taken. These include, for example, travel restrictions by employers or the cancellation of training courses.

In order to relieve the auditors during this situation, the VDA QMC states the following special regulation:

Remote-/Hybrid-Audits for VDA 6.3 Renewal

On behalf of the QMA (Quality Management Committee), the VDA 6.3 project group has developed a recommendation for the performance of remote audits. A maximum of two (2) remote audit(s)/hybrid audit(s) are recognized for the VDA 6.3 extension. The regulation applies retroactively for the year 2020 and is valid until further notice. The VDA recommendation on VDA 6.3 audits and further details can be found here:


By using this letter, it can be proven that certificates for the topics VDA 6.3 and IATF 16949 1st/2nd party, which have a validity date until September 30, 2021 remain valid until December 31, 2021.

There will be no further extension of this special Covid-19 regulation.

This special regulation is effective immediately and will be implemented worldwide, for it is expanded to all regions of the license partner network of the VDA QMC. 



英文版 VDA QMC – Special regulation COVID-19 to maintain the validity of auditor certificates 

中英對照版 VDA QMC – Special regulation COVID-19 to maintain the validity of auditor certificates



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